Alexandrian Knights

About the Book : Alexandrian Knights

"Alexandrian Knights" is an exciting story for children about four friends from the United States - Alex, Mike, Max, and Felix. On their adventure in Kuldhara, a mysterious village in Rajasthan, India, they find a secret temple. Magic from the temple turns them into Elemental Knights, each with their own special powers and strong armor. They solve tricky puzzles and learn new powers that show who they really are. This adventure teaches them about the importance of being brave and sticking together.

In the big final battle, they meet the Shadow Lord, a scary enemy who wants to cover the world in darkness. Can they use their new powers and friendship to beat him and make the world safe again?

Join the "Alexandrian Knights" on their journey and see how friendship and bravery can save the day!

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About the Author : Lavik Jain

Meet Lavik Jain, an eight-year-old with an insatiable curiosity and a love for exploration that extends far beyond his years. His passion for travel has become a cornerstone of his identity, shaping his understanding of the world, and fostering a keen interest in diverse cultures. He takes great pride in travelling to more countries than his years of age.

Well-read and well-travelled, this young wordsmith draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of experiences woven through his journeys. Through his vivid storytelling, he invites readers into a world coloured by the hues of different lands, providing a unique perspective that transcends the boundaries of age and showcases the boundless potential of youthful imagination.


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