Quignogging is not about printing books. It is about becoming an author who knows how to sell his books.

How a reader finds your book?

  • She is attracted by the cover/title of your book at a bookstore.
  • She logs into Amazon, and finds your book listed on a page or as a part of a search result.
  • A friend has recommended it to her.
  • She reads about your book in a newspaper article.
  • She hears about you as a speaker, author, blogger, influencer, opinionated personality.
  • Through advertisement, online or offline.

What can we do?

  • Get book reviews and features
  • Get paid advertisements
  • Hire a publicist

While you as an author can do a lot when it comes to getting book reviews and paid advertisements, we believe a good publicist can really elevate the book visibility.

Book Marketing Expenses

Bookmark Marketing:
Inserting of bookmarks in other titles by the same publisher to promote various books. Charges:
  1. 1000 booksmarks = Rs 10,000/-
  2. 5000 bookmarks = Rs 30,000/-
  3. 10,000 bookmarks = Rs 40,000/-
  4. This includes the printing cost of the bookmarks as well.

Amazon Paid Banner ads and Sponsored Ads: 
Amazon is the place where our target audience is flocking every now and then. A lot of book purchasing is happening on this very platform. This is a place where our competition also exists and we can fight them head on. Hence, paid ads could really be effective. Our smart key word mangers, and experienced digital marketing team can help build a long term sustained program for your book.
Cost : Rs 5000 – Rs 30,000 per month. (the cost includes the amazon charges, click charges and the fee of the digital marketing team). The author can choose the amount based on the available budget.

Paid Book Store Placement:
A lot of bookstores now encourage paid placements to offset their high rental costs and poor in-store sales. They work well for first time authors to address the Discoverability Challenge. These bookstores are usually a high-footfall zone for our target audience.
Cost : Rs 20,000 – 60,000 per month. (depending on bookstores and locations)

Pirates Giveaway Program:
We have, over the years developed a very dependable giveaway program where reviewers can subscribe to get free books and review them across various platforms.
Cost : Rs 15,000/-(including cost of copies and logistics)

Media Kit:
Reaching out to various media houses is always a desirable thing for any published author. We can send the books with a covering note, and recommendation to the books and entertainment / lifestyle division of various newspapers for review.
Cost : 45,000/-

Paid Book Store Launch :
Book launch is a defining feature in any author’s journey. We can arrange a book launch at prominent bookstores around the country on chargeable basis. The key challenge in this is to ensure adequate audience and preferably media to translate the launch into a news.
Cost : Rs 45,000/-

What does a book publicist at Quignog do?

Myth 1: A book publicist is someone who creates a press release and puts it online, or sends it to thousands of journalists.
Myth 2: A book publicist will guarantee you national coverage.

At Quignog, we work with book publicists who are professionals with experience in traditional media. Our aim is to help people discover you.

The publicist will work with you to help prepare a media kit. He will then send out notes to various media houses on your behalf. He will 'pitch' your book. He shall also, at various times, send free copies of your book to various people who could review your book. This effort should eventually convert into a media story in the form of a profile, interaction or a review. You are the key component of the entire exercise and the results depend on the effort you put in to provide worthy stories connected to your content.
Book Marketing
Cost: Rs.79,000/-
Deliverables: 2 months of publicity across media houses.
Speak to our consultant for more details.

Getting the most out of a publicist:

  • Cleary specify your goals for the campaign: We help you specify a focused goal and make sure that the publicist is aligned with you and yourbody of works.
  • Identify your target market, and working with the publicist to find ways to reach out tospecific customers.
  • Go through your book and your life, find all the 'hooks' you can think of and provide a list. A publicist willdo pitches for you but they can only work with what you provide.
  • Become media-ready: Put outyour professional webpage, pictures, profile etc. Read "How to Build your Brand" for more details.
  • Help the publicist in crafting the pitches.

Remember, neither can publicists guarantee coverage, nor can they assure any sales figures. There will surely be some traction in the market, a few pages in print and web that you can share and, therefore, enhance the discoverability of your book. Beyond that, it boils down to the hook of the book!