Book Cover & Ebook Cover Design

The Cover of the book is its face. Can it be less important? When it comes to covers, we keep it simple – the only qualities we strive for are elegance and allure.

Who can take it?

  • All our plans have cover design as part of the plan.
  • If you have a book ready sans the cover, and do not wish to opt for our publishing plans.

What you get from Cover Design Supplement?

  • A carefully crafted book jacket - front cover, spine and back cover.
  • Design as per the brief of the author.
  • Design that brings the best out of the book in the first glance.
  • We usually do our best to present the author our best choice, rather than similar looking unworthy cover options. One round of revision is absolutely welcome, if the author so wants.

Why is Quignog Cover Design Supplement so important?

  • Have a look at our covers and you will know why.
  • We not only know the art but the science of it.


Cost per cover: Rs 15,000/-

Note: Due credit to Quignog should be given on the back cover and inside copyright page in the form of "Cover Design by Quignog". If an independent artist is also involved, her name should also be added to it.