Book Editing & Manuscript Editing Services

Get your book edited by the experts. Work on story, structure, grammar and form. If your book has the hook, we can bring it out.

What you get from Editing Supplement?

  • First round of review by the editor, with her comments regarding the structure of the book.
  • Second round of copy editing.
  • Quick back and forth revisions between the author and the editor to seal it.

Who edits the book?

  • Experienced editors from the core team of Pirates.

Why is Editing so important?

  • It gives the book the all-important fresh perspective.
  • It hones the grammar of the book.
  • It brings out consistency, of characterization, writing style and language.
  • It brings about surgical precision in the plot.


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Disclaimer: While the editors do their best to weed out errors, it remains a human exercise. It is personal and a point of view. It is totally up to author's discretion to accept or reject suggestions. The Quignog team will try and get an editor who is the best fit for your work, but being a subjective field, opinions could differ.