Her Scarlet Lips

About the Book : Her Scarlet Lips

As they drove, thick dust raised like a red veil along the tail of the vehicle. 
“I thought Oz had better roads than this,” she remarked. 
“Yes, they do.” 
“This road is not even a paved one.” 
“Because we are in the forest, babe, driving through the national reserve.” 
An icy chill coursed through her spine. “Is this the only route?” 
“No. This is a less traffic route going through the bushes.” 
“Why did you choose this one?” 
“No one will be there to hear just in case you plan on yelling and screaming.” 
“Why would I do that?” 

In an hour, he will be engaged to her cousin. But when his eyes land on her scarlet lips, everything changes. As he demands her to become his bride-to-be, her world crumbles. Why is this stranger instantaneously attracted to her? Is it pure lust or something more?

A contemporary romance novel set in India and Australia, enmeshed and entangled by love, fate, and forbidden secrets.

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About the Author : S Kolla

S. Kolla is a great fan of love stories. Her other novels include The Castle of Princess Nandini Devi, A Journey in Memories and Wish I Could have You. In her books, she explores the dimensions of love amidst family relations and cultural values with a touch of humour. Her upcoming title is called Don’t You Dare Marry Me. She greatly appreciates constructive feedback.

You can get in touch with her on: 
Facebook: @kollasuchi
Twitter: @authorskolla
Instagram: authorskolla