Book Interior Layout Design and Formatting Services

Each book is typeset in a beautiful font as per the need of the book.

Who can take it?

  • All our plans have book design as part of the plan.
  • If you have a manuscript ready and do not wish to opt for our publishing plans

What do you get from Interior Design Supplement?

  • The manuscript is typeset with font size, line space and margins as per the page extent and design requirements as asked by the author.
  • Once the creatives are locked, a print ready pdf file.

Why is Interior Design so important?

  • A manuscript is a menagerie of words. Only upon typesetting it becomes a book.
  • Margins, fonts, headers, etc all matter.
  • The reading experience is enhanced by careful typesetting.


Enter Number of words in your manuscript: Total Cost: Rs _______

Note: Due credit to Quignog should be given in the inside copyright page in the form of "Typeset by Quignog". If an independent typesetter is involved, her name should also be added to it.
The prices are for 'only text' files. For illustrated books, please speak to us. The design is for black and white inside pages. The author shall provide the final word file with all the pages in the first go. Any revision will be charged extra.