Mess Diaries

About the Book: Mess Diaries

Vidya is holed up at a Police Officer’s Mess with her youngest son and cop husband who is weathering the lockdown forced upon by the pandemic. Her elder son couldn’t travel due to the Covid imposed restrictions.

The diary account touches upon the fears and insecurities that her family goes through while braving some of the ugly encounters that life throws at her.

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About the Author : Vidya Iyer Vyas

Vidya has donned various roles from conceptualising a start-up to teaching management to college grads and visiting the tribal hinterlands for her doctoral research. The nomadic life thrust upon her has helped her carve anecdotes of people and places. Writing is her newfound joy, being a helicopter mom still happens to be the first.

To get a sneak peak into Vidya’s thoughts, follow her on Instagram - @kaapiwithvidya


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