Murky Business

About the Book: Murky Business

Ramki wanted to create an impact in the industrial firmament by forging ahead in a big way but was thwarted by the criminal gang which wanted a cut in every dealing and tried to extinguish him in a diabolic manner and succeeded in it, making a quasar of a bright star.

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About the Author : V. Krishnan

Born in 1937, V. Krishnan was raised in Kerala, India. After completing his education, he worked with various firms in Mumbai. He has been fond of writing since young days. Post retirement, he is settled in Palakkad, Kerala. His life experiences have inspired him the most towards writing.

A voracious reader, he has a large collection of books in English, Malayalam and Sanskrit. An erudite scholar, he enjoys writing and conversing in Sanskrit as well. He marks his space as a writer with his debut novel ‘Murky Business’.


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