Puma – A Soldier’s Dog

About the Book : Puma – A Soldier’s Dog

An Indie pup, looking for food, enters a cantonment area one day. A pack of dogs, led by their vicious leader Sir Kattapa, thrashes him for entering their territory.

But the same night, he meets his Dadda and his life changes forever. Puma, as he is fondly called, then on, only dreams of becoming a soldier like his Dadda. A soldier whose aim is to save lives, not take lives. A sudden terrorist attack on his Dadda’s unit gives Puma a chance to prove his mettle. Puma’s journey of transforming into Commando Puma is a tale of adventure, fun, hard work and sacrifice, and love and hope.

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About the Author : Richa Kashyap

Richa Kashyap works as a Communications Manager with an IT firm. She loves reading software manuals and poetry alike. She claims to be an introvert; almost everybody around her disagrees with her opinion of herself. Richa loves a freshly brewed cup of green tea, star gazing, and conversations about life and after-life, and she hates chai latte, public speaking, and mushy love stories.

She is a mother to two Indies: Mars Kashyap Bhaskar and Pluto Kashyap Bhaskar who share her and her husband’s last names.

She blogs at -  www.richabhaskar.wordpress.com
Her Twitter handle is - @richa250488
Her email id is Kashyap.richa1988@gmail.com


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