The Valley of Storms

About the Book : The Valley of Storms
What happens in the fairy-world stays in the fairy-world. But when someone from a vicious and greedy world like ours, decides to probe into its matters, not even magic can save the day.

When it comes to tourism, Mr. Mint knows how to stay away and be at absolute peace.

‘Adventures lure only the fools!’ he says.
‘Wise men stay home and study hard!’

Mint family is probably the only one in the whole round valley that has never been to the Sandlypawx, a place which is everyone's dream destination.
Where carnivals have the funniest rides and markets full of toys and play-stations.
But when these folks finally decide to do so, they find themselves in the middle of the greatest mayhem of the century.
The ghosts are scared and dwarves are acting crazier than usual.
River folks are seen fleeing from their homes to go deeper into the dark waters of the lake.

The old villain is rumoured to be back. The high commands at the castle are denying it. But when clues become fact and evil decides not to hide anymore, they realize that only winning a war can save them.

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About the Author : Surabhi Sharma

Surabhi Sharma, a doctor by profession carries out her duties passionately. Whether it’s treating patients or taking care of her family, she likes to stand out.

Shy on the outside but all chaos inwards, reading and writing different stories has been like a therapy to her, since a very early age. It gives her stormy brain little bit of an order. In her free time, she loves to do gardening.

She believes that trees make our lives possible and that we are indebted to mother earth. Her book, ‘Valley of Storms’ reflects the same.

She and her family have planted hundreds of trees till date and wish to keep on doing so.

She hopes that her stories of adventure, honour and bravery will be voiced by her readers someday.


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