The Time Machine to a Tear

About the Book : The Time Machine to a Tear
Arman, a young boy studying at a prison-like boarding school, finds himself looking at a girl trapped in a castle on one of his school trips. Is it a dream, a ghost story, or a girl kept captive?

While Arman's school life gets complicated when he finds his best friend Sabir kissing the girl he is in love with, Maya, he continues to battle with strange dreams of the girl and the castle.

New meanings of love and friendship question the very purpose of it all.

Will guilt and his recent loss lead him beyond the school premises to visit the unknown soul in the castle down the woods?

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About the Author : Aman Agarwal

Aman had previously published a fantasy novel and a poetry book namely ‘That’s the way blood trickles’ and ‘Sing to me sweet.’ He is currently an entrepreneur writing books on the side. ‘The Time Machine to a Tear’ is a coming-of-age novel drawn from experiences from his alma mater ‘St. Anthony’s School’. It is a fictional account by all means. A poetry book 43 sonnets from Aman is soon to be published inspired by Elizabeth Browning’s 44 sonnets. His future books ‘To Hell with Heaven’ and ‘Wings for Guinea Pigs’ will touch upon the genres of gangster, thriller and macabre.


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