You are too much

About the Book: You are too much

I can tackle my mind with creative pursuits,
but how could I satisfy my soul?
It needs fire, it needs something terrific,
dark, or perhaps even risqué;
something that could kill me;
something that would kick the society
right in its balls.

Aarav, a young photographer who loves Reesha deeply, wants to build his life with her.
Fate has other plans.

Reesha dies unexpectedly just when their love is at its peak. Aarav is shattered. He becomes suicidal and dreadfully depressed. Reesha's last words and her plea to Aarav engulf him.

Would Aarav be able to overcome the loss of Reesha?
Would he pull himself together, overcome the grief and fulfill those words, or would he just surrender?

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About the Author : Saurabh Kumar Das

Saurabh Kumar Das is currently studying at Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune and getting trained in Screenplay Writing for Film, Television and Web Series. He writes novels because writing is the only thing he can do. He worked as an Independent Writer for the Times of India and an Advertising Copywriter before joining FTII. He writes novels to feed his soul. An avid reader, Saurabh loves reading the kind of books that can shake him to the core. He believes in the 40-page theory, wherein if the book doesn’t hold him for 40 pages, he wouldn’t read it further. His favourite authors are Tagore, Paolo Coelho, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Kahlil Gibran, Salman Rushdie, Murakami, and Rumi, not necessarily in that order. Other things that interest Saurabh include Photography, Cinema, Food, and Music. This is his third novel, the others being The Artists of Palkha (2013) and The Wild Love Ride (2018). Saurabh is a diehard admirer of Che Guevara and The Buddha.

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