Self Publishing Plans and Supplements

If you are not a mere dilettante, but an author who is here to stay, Quignog is for you. It is simple. Transparent. And top-end. It promises you growth. It is your gateway to true authorship.

There are two publishing plans*.  


includes printing, book cover design, book layout and typeset, promotional poster and bookmark design, facebook and goodreads pages set-up, ISBN registration, inventory management and post-publishing mentorship.

copyright and allied intellectual property ownership & protection.

one round of proof-reading.

international distribution through Amazon.

international online distribution plus national bookstore distribution through the Pirates distribution network.

Own your own ebook and sell for life.

opportunity to publish with Pirates.

Rs. 59,900


Rs. 1,59,900


earn 100% profits for every book sold


No plan is basic. Everything we do is top-end. From designing of the book’s cover to the inside formatting to the print to national distribution, everything is handled by the core team of Pirates. We also understand that no book can go out in the market without its grammar in place. Believe us, that is where books are made. BEYOND is where dreams come true – an opportunity for you to get your book to the brick and mortar stores across India. Believe us, that is where authors are still made.

QUIGNOG TO PIRATES (Keep rising as an author)

If your book sells 5,000 books across platforms, as a salute, we refund you 30% of your fees. Hold on, it gets better. At 10,000 copies, we give you an option to switch to Pirates, our traditional imprint. It is no shame to continue publishing under the dynamic, entrepreneurial Quignog but we understand your aspirations for the old-school Pirates.


You get the first page of your first chapter edited free of cost if you click below. Test us out!

* the prices are for a maximum 250 BnW inside pages (60,000 words) paperback.