Dave Dawson at Dunkirk

Author : R. Sidney Bowen

Robert Sidney Bowen, Jr. (1900 – April 11, 1977) was a World War I aviator, newspaper journalist, magazine editor and author who was born in Boston, Massachusetts and died of cancer in Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of 76. He is best known for his boys' series books written during World War II, the Dave Dawson War Adventure Series and the Red Randall Series. Robert Sidney Bowen wrote the Red Randall and Dave Dawson series under the name R. Sidney Bowen and other fiction (sports and westerns) under the pseudonym James Robert Richard.

Knock, Knock….I am your Anesthesiologist

“Knock, Knock….I am your Anesthesiologist!” is a book, which is written from first hand, personal experience of the author in which she pens down her stimulating journey during the three demanding years of her post-graduation in the unfathomable subject of Anaesthesiology. This branch of Medicine is an enigma in itself and very little is known about it to not only the non medical population but also to the junior doctors, because it is not dealt with earnestly in undergraduate years. The American Society of Anaesthesiologists define Anaesthesiology as "the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery." Anesthesiology, which is a relatively new branch has managed to spread its tentacles in almost all other specialties and these days there is hardly any stream of Medicine or Surgery which does not require the expertise of Anaesthesiologists for either diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. From its humble beginnings of the first public demonstration of anaesthesia at the Ether Dome in Massachusetts, on October 16, 1846, the youngest specialty of Medicine has made great strides in development and has evolved into one of the safest specialty in medicine, finding its parallel in the Aviation industry. Since this book is written from personal experiences many people may be able to relate to it; the Operating Room assistant, the post graduate resident, the anaesthesiologist & any professional at large. It is also a lucid writing for anyone who would like to understand the cryptic world of Anaesthesia.
The recognition of this branch of medicine is suboptimal especially in India, despite the efforts put in by Anaesthesiologists towards patient safety. Thus, this book also has been written as an attempt to make Anaesthesia, a recognized branch of Medicine. This book is also dedicated to all the Resident Doctors, who untiringly work day and night, towards the well-being of their patients: Resident Doctors, who work tirelessly, without food and sleep, despite being underpaid most of the times, with no guarantee of their safety from the reckless, relatives of the patients at any point in the discharge of their duty!
Happy Reading
Vidhu Bhatnagar


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